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廣州中天電機有限公司,是—家專業從事步進電機與驅動器設計、開發、制造、 銷售的高新技術型企業,位于交通便利、風景秀美的廣州市白云山附近,擁有幾千平方米的標準化廠房及先進的專用生產、檢測設備,十多個系列、數百種規格標準化產品,— 支經 驗豐富、高效 敬業、創新型的管理、技術團隊。根據您的不同需求我們不僅能準確、快捷地為您提供所需的標準化產品與服務,而且可量身定制,進行創新型設計,以最大限度地滿足您的設想與要求!

貫徹嚴謹、科學、精益求精、讓用戶滿意的質量方針,從產品設計、制造、品質、 保證、直至產品 輸出等全過程嚴格貫徹 ISO9001 質量保證體系相關程 序, 我們 力求完美的 專業精 神, 塑造了良好的品質與企業信 譽, 已成為眾 多領域 的重要分供方。

秉承“開啟科技之光,共亨智慧之美的經營理念,推崇尊重、包容、和諧、共享” 的企業文化,我們正以更前瞻的眼光,更前沿的創新思維,進一步探索著為客戶提供 引領時間前沿的最 具價值的解決 方案。


Guangzhou Zhongtian Motor Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in stepper  motors and High-tech enterprise that designs, develops, manufactures and sells drivers With convenient transportation and beautiful scenery, near Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou, it has several thousand square meters.Standardized workshops and advanced special production and testing equipment, more than ten departments Columns , hundreds of standardized products, an experienced, efficient and dedicated, innovativeNew management and technical team. According to your different needs, we can not only be able to Definitively and quickly provide you with the standardized products and services you need, and you can "tailor" Customized", innovative design to maximize ze your vision and requirements !

Carry out the quality side of "rigorous, scientific, excellence, customer satisfaction" Needle, from product design, manufacturing, quality assurance, to product output, etc. Cheng strictly implements the relevant procedures of IS09001 quality assurance system , we force.Seeking perfect professionalism, shaping a good quality and corporate reputation, has becomeAn important sub-supplier for many fields.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "opening the light of technology and sharing the beauty of wisdom" "Respect, tolerance, harmony, sharing" corporate culture, we are more forward-looking Vision, more cutting-edge  innovative thinking, further exploring to provide guidance for customers The most valuable solution at the forefront of time.

Sincerely look forward to your support, your every trust will be our glory,Every request you make will be the driving force of our innovation!

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